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slow heart
dark weight
down love
black canvas
revolve within
you understand

cracks in the temperature
keep it cool to give
you understand
- Canvas, "Ellipse" (2009)

There's around half an hour until the 15th of July turns into the 16th in the United Kingdom and as I sit here with Ellipse gently drifting into my ears, I have to wonder - is there any point in me being here anymore? Face it, there is no real fandom for me here now. I left the Thomas & Friends one when I realised how ridiculous the whole ordeal was and proceeded to leave the railway one (if you can call it a fandom) without even thinking about it because my interest in anything locomotive related dissipated. I don't write anymore. Apart from the NaNoWriMo adventure I embark on every November, there is not a topic I can find myself motivated enough about to write on. I have a journal thing in real life, but it's not the same as writing poetry or short fiction. I don't make "art" so there remains no purpose for me to be on an art making site. Enough said.

Apart from all that, all I can really say about what's gone on since I left various fandoms is that I've gone further and further downwards in terms of mood/happiness to the point where I'll stop talking to even my closest friends for weeks on end. It just feels like every single time I manage to "accomplish" happiness and get to a good point, something comes and hits me off my podium with a massive sledgehammer to the face. Somehow, it all links back to the topic of fucking sexuality - the thing I would like to be able to escape from for a least one day and not have anything related to it happen. My music taste has most certainly grown since I was active on here. I'm not just listening to Lungs and Ceremonials on repeat (although I still have a place in my heart for Florence + the Machine), but I have a variety of albums that I've accumulated since you last saw me such as:
  • iMegaphone
  • Speak for Yourself
  • Ellipse
  • Sparks (or what has been released of it so far; my box set arrives on the 11th of August)
  • Watermark
  • The Memory of Trees
  • Electra Heart
  • You Are All I See
  • The Bones of What You Believe
  • The Visitors
  • If You Wait
That's it, I guess. There's nothing much I can add to that apart from exams. That's my boring old life. You might see me on the flip-side, but I'm very doubtful of that so here's some links you can find me at if you want to stay in touch:



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